Transmissions people-to-people. Photography by Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone

This exhibition of photography, curated by Tiziana Bonomo consists of sixty photographs by Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone. It tells of the transmission of learning and the relationship between master and student in different disciplines and in the various countries which are their homes while capturing the universal nature of these activities. The shots portray men and women from different countries and cultures in the moment and in the act of passing knowledge from one person to another. These subjects are dyers in Mali and ceramic artists from Sévres, Italian lute crafters and Swiss watchmakers, French gilders, Burmese gold leaf beaters, stage actors, art smiths, therapists.

Seven years of photographic research carried out while voyaging in Europe, Asia and Africa wants to gather together and hand on to the public, through these photographs, human relationships, cohabitation and the dialogue between master and student which show the bonds generated in the act of transmission between generations, cultures and professions. The exhibition represents a narrative which develops out of meeting with the material, the research of the master and the detachment, when the passing on of knowledge is complete. In this process, tradition and spirit of innovation meld together and contribute to the preservation of a heritage of cultural diversity.

The exhibition is divided into three moments which ideally evoke the different phases of transmission.

MEETINGS: the discovery of the material, the passion and the spark arcing towards an art or craft: the meeting of the master and the student, their bonding and their relationship.

IMPREGNATION: different ways of absorbing learning and at the same time the impregnating of a material, of a different culture. LEARNING: the practices, knowledge and human values through which you learn a trade, craft or profession. This includes the tools and gestures, oral teaching, examples, observation and imitation.

From 30.10.2019 to 30.8.2020; extended until 6.1.2021.