Cinzano: from Torino to the world. Journey to discover an Italian icon

The exhibit wants to celebrate the 260th anniversary of Cinzano, a brand which has managed to intertwine its development as a company with the evolution of the customs and traditions of our country. The exhibit takes the visitor into an emotional journey discovering the brand long history started in Torino and become a symbol of Italian lifestyle in the world. The exhibition is divided into three thematic sections. The main section is focused on Cinzano communication and advertising, displaying a wide selection of original posters signed by the most important artists from the 19th and 20th Century (Leonetto Cappiello, Adolf Hohenstein, Nico Edel, Raymond Savignac). The second section, through a display of historical documents and photographic materials, retraces the brand history, which intertwines with the city of Torino and its international expansion. The last section is dedicated to historical objects like plaques, glasses, trays and vintage bottles dating from as early as 1852. The exhibition is curated by the Cinzano Archive Scientific Committee, and coordinated by Paolo Cavallo, responsible for the company historical archives, and Elisabetta Dusi.

From 5.10.2017 to 14.1.2018; extended until 11.2.2018