From the ‘60s to the ‘60s. A Century after Italian Unification, Pop Art

The exhibition, “From the ‘60s to the ‘60s. A Century after Italian Unification, Pop Art” started with the objective of comparing and contrasting two crucial moments in the history of our country while tracing out the borders and coordinates of their respective artistic testimonies. The energies which animated the Risorgimento are posted in a dialogue with the powerful climate of change which determined the economic boom of the 1960s.

The great celebratory character of historical Italian painting is, at the same time, an expression of the soldier-painters who took part in the war of independence while portraying it in their own works – Felice Cerruti Bauduc, Massimo d’Azeglio, Angelo Trezzini, Michele Cammarano, to name a few – who are compared with Italian Pop Art artists.

Successively, the works of Mimmo Rotella, Giosetta Fioroni, Piero Gilardi, Ugo Nespolo, Enrico Baj and the cursed painters of Piazza del Popolo – Mario Schifano, Tano Festa e Franco Angeli – who, in an Italy caught up in complete evolution, look at the world of cinema and advertising, politics and society, giving a place and an expressive shape to languages which are completely new. A visual short circuit which allows you to identify connections, either as antithesis or analogy, between the works on show in an unusual and emotional exhibition.

From 21.4.2017 to 17.9.2017